Wednesday, May 18 2022

MADISON, Alabama – Fitness is as much a mental game as it is physical, and sometimes having a mental block can prevent you from achieving your goals. Charles Gardner, CEO of Synergy Strengths Systems, says he not only enjoys seeing the physical and mental strength they gain from training with him, but also their accomplishments.

“My favorite part is watching people go from not believing in themselves to believing in themselves,” Gardner told News 19.

Synergy Strength Systems operates out of Empire Fitness in Madison, a full-service gym that offers everything from personal training to yoga.

Gardner says the concept behind Synergy is simple. “I worked in a hospital as a transporter and thought about how to help people,” Gardner said, adding that with his knowledge of fitness and wellness and the individual bringing his strength, “Magnify everything about you, the individual”.

When it comes to personal training, Gardner brings a lot to the table. A Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and certifications in Strength and Conditioning, Personal Training and Sports Performance Nutrition.

A successful journey comes down to listening from both sides. “If I can reduce the stress level they go through by listening to what they want, without imposing my own personal demands on them, then I can get away with it,” Gardner said.

Regardless of age, race or gender, Gardner takes the time to get to know his clients and make sure they can achieve their goals.

Not everyone has the same goals. Gardner says he assesses each person individually and bases his journey on their abilities. The key to success is working consistently towards their goal and that takes time.

“They can see the progress with the strength goal, and they can see the process with the strength goal as well. If so, then their grip will be better. They’re going to stick with it, they’re going to keep coming back, “Gardner said.

Gardner says the most rewarding part of his profession is watching his clients achieve and achieve their goals.

“If I can teach them not to be afraid of this and it takes time.” Every person is different, some cling to mental tricks and others it takes time. It’s that aspect of patience, but once I see them overcome that or once they see themselves overcome that. This is the most important, them seeing themselves overcome. Once they do that, it’s like a rocket straight to the moon, ”Gardner said.

But, he says he couldn’t have gotten to where he is today without these returning clients, his father Billy Gardner, BCI Performance and Fitness mentor Andy McCloy and Empire owner Sarah Longshore. Fitness. where it currently operates.

Gardner is constantly on the lookout for new ways to always help the community. Most recently, he is working on a community outreach program that will focus on breast cancer awareness, in honor of his deceased mother.

It is safe to say that Gardner’s heart is as big as his expectations of his customers. I even managed to beat a personal best in the bench press in no time.

If you would like to train with Gardner, click here to visit his Facebook page or you can call (256) 683-0775 or email [email protected]

News 19’s Yvette Sanchez hit her personal best during her session with Gardner.

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