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(Credit: Disclosure/Taguatinga EC)

After two consecutive years at the post and falling in the quarter-finals, Taguatinga will approach the Candango 2022 Championship with a heavy name on the edge of the lawn. In December 2021, the Blue and White team announced the hiring of coach Luiz Carlos Prima. The club also renewed the rest of the coaching staff to bring more experience to the Ninho da Aguia training center.

The new commander has a stint with the Brazilian team as a physical instructor in his course. Prima was part of coach Carlos Alberto Pereira’s commission at the 1994 USA World Cup, when Brazil won the title for the fourth time.

In the blue and white club team, the board retained a large part of the 2021 squad and focused on increasing the attacking area. “Over the past two years I think we’ve had a few gaps in the crucial hours of our offense,” chairman Admilson Markle said. Match, With this, the club have signed attacking midfielder Wissum, who is expected to be a key part of the attack.

Striker Jairo Reis has also joined Ninho da Aguia, who played for Sambabia in 2021. The players also played for Gamma. Born in Salvador (BA), at the start of his career he worked in Bahia and Vitoria. Wesley, who rose above the Under-20s, closed the roster for news in the foreground.

The defensive zone was reinforced with Vinicius Ferreira, who comes from Araucaria and was the sign of the Prima coach. The midfield also received athletes: Kante (ex-Reoverdance) and Fernandinho (ex-Parano). The new names on the pitch are due to losses to Rogerio and Foguinho, who are recovering from injury and will miss Taguatinga in the tournament’s opening matches.

Tagutinga was also reportedly made up of Brazilian players and transferred to Ninho da Aguia after chairman Adamson Markle was assigned to the club. In the end, the Base players, who were in the Copa So Paulo de Ftebol Junior, closed the list of the blue and white team.

Casting with the new coaching staff began on December 20. During this time, the team played two friendlies and won both matches. Commander Luiz Carlos Prima also sought to keep close contact with the players, mainly to pay more attention to their physical condition.

“We have been working for almost a month. We work hard in the sun and the rain. We know it’s a very tough competition, but we’re ready, God willing, for a good competition,” Project Defender Jefferson Encarnaçao. The team kick-off will take place on Sunday (23/1) at 3:30 p.m. at Estadio JK. White Eagle will take on Capital.

Taguatinga wants to return to the top of the DF
(Photo: Promotions/Taguatinga EC)

Candango. for the Taguatinga team

goalie: Lucas Diniz, Bismarck, Macon, Bruno Souza;
defenders: Daniel Felipe, Jefferson, Somalia, Vinicius Ferreira, Julio Cesar Lima and Daniel Sobrinho;
sides: Avilson. Fabrice. Claudinho. João Pedro and Linux.
passengers: Luan, Leo, Ximenes, Bala and Felipe;
socks: Matthias Rosario, Foguinho, Kante, Wissam, Henrique and Fernandinho;
Raiders: Itagol, Giro, Wesley, Garcia and Joazinho

Technology: Luiz Carlos Prima
President: edmalson marcalli
Stadium: Defelê (1st match) and Serejão, when they are ready to host matches

first stage game

first round
January 22 (Saturday)
15:30 Capital x Taguatinga

Second turn
January 27 (Thursday)
3:30 p.m. Taguatinga vs Luziania

third round
January 30 (Sunday)
10am paranoid x taguatinga

fourth round
February 2 (Wednesday)
3:30 p.m. Taguatinga versus Unai

5th round
February 5 (Saturday)
3:30 p.m. Range x Taguatinga

sixth round
February 9 (Wednesday)
3:30 p.m. taguatinga vs celandia

7th round
February 13 (Sunday)
3:30 p.m. Santa Maria versus Taguatinga

8th round
February 16 (Wednesday)
3:30 p.m. Brasilians against Taguatinga

ninth round
February 19 (Wednesday)
3:30 p.m. Taguatinga against Brasília

*Trainee under the supervision of Danilo Queiroz


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